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My Practice Works For You
My goal is to offer compassionate and effective representation. I understand the effect that injury
and loss of income can have on a family. As a result I work hard to meet every client's unique legal
goals. My commitment is to  work diligently to assist all clients to obtain any assistance to which
they are entitled.

In today's productive, ambitious society, no one wants to experience a physical, emotional or
psychological impairment which renders them unable work at a level suitable to their education,
experience, or age. A disability can create a great deal of emotional stress and can be financially
disastrous for the victim and the victim's family. Someone who experiences this type of misfortune
needs help to pay their bills, receive adequate medical care, and feed their family. I understand
what a difficult situation this may be for you, and know how to get results in claims for Social
Security Disability Insurance.

If your disability is expected to last for a year or more or to result in death, you most likely meet the
requirements for Social Security Disability Eligibility. This could make all the difference for you in
being able to meet your necessary living expenses in the aftermath of an injury or illness. Filing for
disability benefits can be highly challenging. I am here to help you achieve the successful
outcome you are looking for.
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My Experience Gets Results For My Clients
Jack Gibney was raised in Jacksonville, Florida and went to local schools. After he completed high
school he attended the United States Merchant Marine Academy where he obtained a Bachelor
of Science degree in marine engineering. He then sailed first as a third assistant engineer and
later as a second assistant engineer while he served in the merchant marine.

After his sailing days were over he attended Florida State University where he obtained a law
degree in 1984. After he graduated from law school he moved back to Jacksonville, Florida for
initial employment with a few private law firms and has been self employed since 1988. He
passed the Florida Bar examination in 1984 and passed the Georgia Bar examination in 1985. He
also has passed the Patent Bar examination which allows him to represent clients before the
United States Patent and Trademark Office. He currently maintains active licenses in both of
these states and practices in the North Florida, Southern Georgia area. Gibney Law focuses
its practice in the four areas. Intellectual Property law (including Trademarks,
Copyrights and Patents), Social Security Disability, Workers' Compensation and
Adoption Law.

Mr. Gibney is active in the community and volunteers his time to coach soccer and T-ball teams
and also to serve on the boards of two local charitable organizations.

My Approach
You put a lot of trust in your lawyer's ability to protect your rights and your interests. When you
come to me for legal help, I will personally handle your case. At my firm, your file will not be
handed to para legals.

I will work hard to understand your goals and find creative solutions to meet them. Contact me
to schedule a initial consultation. I will listen to your concerns and help you understand how the
law applies to your situation.

I am available in my office in Jacksonville, FL, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through
Friday. I serve Clients from the North Florida, South Georgia regions.

Call me today to see how we can help you get the peace of mind you
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Gibney Law Staff

Legal Assistant - Sally Lindgren
Sally is a native of Ohio with an Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting.  After moving to
Jacksonville, Florida in 1999, she eventually began working in the legal field and joined the Law
Office of L. Jack Gibney as a Legal Assistant in 2005.  Her primary role is assisting in the Patent
and Trademark aspect of the practice and she finds it rewarding to follow a patent or trademark
application from the beginning stages to the desired result of the Patent and Trademark Office
allowing it to become a registered Patent or Trademark.  Sally enjoys the interaction she shares
with the clients and strives to give them the attention they deserve.

Paralegal - Amy Nicholson
Amy is one of the firm’s legal assistants.  After graduating from Wolfson High School in 1992,
she expressed a desire to become a court reporter.  A short while after attending the Stenotype
Institute she worked as a hearing reporter for the Social Security Office of Hearings and Appeals
here in Jacksonville. After working there for over three years she decided she wanted to better
help getting people the disability benefits that they deserved.  She has been helping clients
receive their benefits for over ten years.  She has been with this particular firm since 2005.

Adoptions Coordinator - Sandra Ossi
Sandra is a native of Jacksonville, Florida.  She graduated from the University of North Florida
with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.  Throughout her career, Sandra has nurtured
excellent client/company relationships by paying special attention to the needs and concerns of
her clients.  Her concentration to details and her organizational skills, also, contribute to the
strong bonds she forms with them.  Sandra has been working as Adoption Coordinator for the
Law Office of L. Jack Gibney since 2010.
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For legal services throughout our service area, we encourage you to contact us at: 1.800.813.4997 or e-mail Jack@GibneyLaw.com

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