Intellectual Property Law

Protecting ideas, marks, and trademarks is important to the inventor or corporation that created the idea, invention, or mark. No one
understands that more than lawyer Jack Gibney. At Gibney law, we are totally dedicated to helping you protect your intellectual property and
that idea from encroachment or use by others. This protection, of course, enables and encourages the development of new ideas. The
protection that is available will depend on the exact intellectual property involved.      

At The Law Office of L. Jack Gibney we focus on these areas of Intellectual Property Law:

  • Patents  
  • Trademarks  

Each of these areas is controlled by different statutes, some federal and some state. Additionally, the courts have construed various
portions of the statutes in an effort to produce uniformity and consistency and a working knowledge of this case law is important. We
believe a long term approach should always be considered when deciding issues of intellectual property.  An improperly or partially
perfected intellectual property right could prove useless. This would jeopardize the work that was necessary to produce a particular idea
and ultimately lead to little or no protection for the inventor, creator, or author.

In order to achieve the maximum protection for your intellectual property, specific recommendations concerning issues of intellectual
property should be made by a registered patent attorney. The recommendations should be based on the objective of a business goal or
plan and the achievement and implementation of it.

At Gibney Law, we are experienced in all areas of intellectual property law and are prepared to assist our clients in navigating the complex
rules and procedures of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Generally speaking, United States patent protection is the only vehicle by which one can exclude all others in the United States from making,
using, selling, or importing the subject matter which makes up the claimed invention. A patent application is a detailed, written description of an
invention's structure and function, accompanied by mandatory patent-quality drawings. A patent application has often been described by the
courts as the most difficult legal document to draft because it must be written pursuant to strict regulations so as to result in a patent that is
valid and enforceable.

A valid patent cannot be granted for an invention that was patented or described in a printed publication in this or a foreign country, or has been
in public use or on sale in this country more than one year prior to the date of the application for patent in the United States. A valid patent
application may only be filed in the name of the actual inventor or inventors of the invention over which patent protection is sought. In addition,
patent protection is generally unavailable in countries other than the United States if the invention is publicly used or otherwise disclosed
anywhere in the world before a patent application is filed.

There are three different types of patents: utility, design, and plant. Whether or not something is patentable and can receive the protection which
that affords is a matter of federal law.

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Trademark Application and Trademark Registration

Federal trademark registration provides an economical means of protecting a company's brand names, logos, and domain names from use by others. Additionally, trademarks can be
used to protect slogans, sounds (think of the chimes for NBC), and other important items which represent a person or companies mark in trade.

A name or logo is frequently a business' most valuable asset and should be protected just like any other! Many of our clients are start up companies who have put a lot of thought into
creating the perfect name or slogan and do not want anyone else to use it. Moreover, for established businesses, the main concern can be losing customers to another company with a
confusingly similar name. A Trademark application is the first step to eliminating these worries.

By obtaining U.S. Trademark Registration, you will be given the exclusive rights to your registered mark anywhere in the United States. This right will begin the moment your mark issues
as a trademark and can be enforced against anyone who uses the mark in an infringing manner after your mark issued.

Call or email us today to join the hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses who have filed a Trademark and created strong brand awareness with the assistance of Gibney Law!

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At the Law Office of L. Jack Gibney, we are dedicated to
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We strive to give value and attention to our clients through counsel on selection,
use, registration, protection of patents, marks and trademarks.
Intellectual Property
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